Factory direct parts for the mini truck you love!

GoldStarParts.com exists to provide you the parts you want and need to make your vehicle functional, hard-working and very cool. We specialize in ready-to-ship lift kits, bumpers, brakes, filters, belts and much more. We will get you quality parts quickly and at a reasonable price.

All lift kits, bumpers and hitches are sold for off-road, non-highway use only.

<h2>Mitsubishi, U-42T, 2" Receiver Hitch</h2> <h2>Honda Acty, 99-2018, Flat Air Filter</h2> <h2>Progressive Rate Coil Springs, 1989+, (Set 2)</h2>
<h2>Mitsubishi Minicab 90-2013, Flat Air Filter</h2> <h2>Subaru Sambar, 1990-98, KS4/TT2, 2" Lift Kit</h2> <h2>Mitsubishi, Rear Coil Bushings</h2>